Privacy by Design

At Toyota Connected, we use data and ethical artificial intelligence to build amazing experiences for Toyota customers. We do not sell customer data and have no intention of doing so - because that is not who we are.

Our engineers use customer data to make every experience in a Toyota vehicle personal and memorable but not creepy. We proactively embed privacy into the design of each and every one of our products and services - because that is what we do.

If a customer does not want to participate in sharing their data to enable our personalized services they can easily do so by opting out with their regional Toyota Customer Call Center.

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and is behind multiple layers of security. So many layers that it sometimes drives our software engineers a little crazy. We do this because our customers are the reason why we are here.

We provide privacy by design in addition to the strict adherence of the regional privacy policies of our customers such as Toyota Motor North America.

Read more about Toyota Motor North America’s Privacy Notice for Connected Services